Are you curious to see the TTT ™ at work, right? … Oh, what a pity!
Because here you will not find any video of one of our performative creations, nor of an event-evening.
You really have to experience a performance by the Tasting Theater Team ™ to find out what it is, and what happens.
It is not wanting to be presumptuous or artificially snobbish. On the contrary!

It is that, simply looking, you would miss the best.
And even if someone told you about it you could not appreciate it.
Because TTT ™ events must be truly experienced.

Lived from the first to the last minute with all, senses. So we advise you to go and have a look into Calendar section to find out when and where the next event, evening, performance, will take place. You will like it a lot, trust us.

However… we don’t want you were too much disappointed.
And so we decided to show you below some Promo videos recently shooted.
We hope you can appreciate them.

The TTT – Tasting Theatre Team™’s magic and atmosphere – 

Do you like to discover what magic and atmosphere could create the TTT™ into YOUR Club or into YOUR restaurant? Or find out how it is a performance-evening of the Tasting Theatre Team™ to better understand if YOURS customers will be satisfied? Definitely watch THIS video!

As the saying goes: “Sometimes an image is worth a 1000 words“!… In just 2’40”, then, we let you immerse in some moments of one of our evenings.

Well! Now that you have seen it (and liked it, confess it…) try to imagine what could happen in an ENTIRE EVENING in YOUR Club/Restaurant…. Not bad, hu? Let’s talk about it, then. Customization possibilities are endless… And YOUR customers will thank you very much… Cinematographer: A. Alessandrini –                ©2020 TTT – Tasting Theatre Team™

Institutional Promo – Innovation & Change

Can you narrate yourself in just over a minute? Can you fully understand a brand identity and what it creates? Probably not!. Hordes of advertisers, communication managers, directors, marketing gurus, will tell you otherwise. Because, as effective & brilliant as it may be, a video will never make you understand the above, out of the blue. There is no Kubrick who takes, already. You’ve seen hundreds of them, and deep down you think so, but you don’t want to admit it. Well, well done, you are on the right path .. not because you hide it, but because your senses often know it much better than you.. You can trust them. Choose with them the TTT ™ event that inspires you the most. Or, if you want to surprise someone or organize a corporate event, let’s talk about it together.
Cinematographer: Fabrizio Fazio – Vision Studio – Voice over: Walter Bonino ©2020 TTT – Tasting Theatre Team™

The TTT™’s way… – Metti una sera a… (S)cena

Are you a lover of both food & wine and theater? Then the TTT ™ is just what you need! And have you by chance heard of the format “Metti una sera a…(S)cena” and want to know more? Well, then look at this Promo: some performers tell in detail who we are, what vision we have … and what is it the first format of the TTT™ and the TTT™’s way. Because maybe in your life you have seen (passively) 1000 theater companies … but certainly never a performance like ours, nor were you protagonists (actively) of the show. Never mind, you can fix it, because from now you just need to call the Tasting Theater Team ™. And magic & unexpected will have a taste you never even remotely suspected …

Cinematographer: Fabrizio Fazio – Vision Studio – Voice over: Walter Bonino –©2020 TTT – Tasting Theatre Team™

Don’t know what to do in the evening? TTT™ is your answer!

You are at home with your partner, you are watching TV and yet you are bored. It happens. Why not going out, then? Yeah, but what to do? Maybe she is in the mood for theatre … maybe he is in the mood for a good restaurant … and here is the dispute lurking .. Halt! Stop! Stop! Because from now you will never fight again! No more long faces! It didn’t exist before, but today solution exists and it is called TTT™. A call on the phone or a quick tour on our website to find out where we will act that evening… et voilà! in a minute both satisfied!

P.s.: And if you really don’t want to go out, please order a “Speedy TTT™” evening making your partner a surprise never seen before. We take care of everything!
Cinematographer: Fabrizio Fazio – Vision Studio . Voice over: Walter Bonino – ©2020 TTT – Tasting Theatre Team™

The TTT™’s INTERVIEWS  – Eva (The First Woman) & The Fool

Are you curious to discover more closely someone of the characters that the Tasting Theater Team™‘ performers play during a performing evening of the format “Metti una sera a…(S)cena™“? Then enjoy this double-interview with two of them about some elements presented during a typical evening: Eva, the legendary First Woman (played by Ambra Lucchetti) and The Fool (played by Massimo Folgori).

P.s.: We recommend … if you meet them around or during a TTT™ evening, don’t be mistaken! … NEVER call her “Angiolini” .. and NEVER him “Troisi”. Trust your word. Really, we don’t answer for it! Then don’t say we didn’t warn you …
Cinematographer: Fabrizio Fazio – Vision Studio – Voice over: Walter Bonino – ©2020 TTT – Tasting Theatre Team™