We are NOT a simple theater company

This is because the TTT – Tasting Theatre Team™ is above all a brand which deals with conceiving and producing performances and special “theatrical” events, and does them having a precise philosophical choice: combining two of the best pleasures of existence, actually autonomously already in itself True Arts: Eno-Gastronomy and Theater. How?… Easy, it’s the TTT way!

We are NOT an amateur theater company

This because performers playing with TTT ™ are all professionals, as acting skills, and the other skills needed to let you live an amazing experience (direction & storytelling, marketing & planning, communication & digital, promotion & social management, costumes & scenography, audio & video service, training & team building, etc.) – whether you are private spectators or a corporation with storybranding needings – are supervised by adequate internal professionals.

We are NOT a classic Stable Company

This is because performers’ number increases or decreases according to the extent and nature of projects / activities / performances carried out, while always contemplating a stable work team able to ensure high reliability in terms of quality for each performative realization.

We are NOT a gender or monothematic Company

That’s because the very wide offer of shows’ typological range we are able to set up, as well as the vast repertoire in terms of drama styles “from the dramatic to the brilliant, from the absurd to the introspective, etc.” allow us not to be so ‘simple’ labeled.

There is NO Company that designs, produces, realizes the Performances themselves

This is because there are other companies worldwide operating in the single groove of the theatrical traditions that inspire us, but none – neither in Italy nor elsewhere in the world – wisely mixes every element of the single performance in order to capture & involve the viewer, generating expectation and curiosity about what they will witness … starting even before it is staged!

We do NOT refer to a single theatrical style or tradition

This is because the TTT ™ in every realization and / or performative proposal incorporates a multiplicity of suggestions and theatrical performance styles ranging from Immersive Theater to One-to-One Performance.

Fine Gourmet.
We CAN'T stand junk food and we are convinced that Eno-Gastronomy elevates the Soul and the Spirits

This is because we are Italians – and we feel a little sorry for other nations – but Good Eating & Good Drinking is part of our DNA and our Ethos. So we are philosophically convinced that both are essential elements and pleasures of our lives.

This is why .. it is no coincidence that each performance of the TTT ™ combines Eno-Gastronomy with a further – extraordinary – pleasure of Life: the Theater. Uniting them, and enjoying them, cannot leave anyone indifferent in our opinion! Offering tasty suggestions – it is appropriate to say – while Art takes shape before the eyes and inside the spirits in an unexpected myriad of flavors and meanings!

We DO NOT set up a “traditional” direction of the performances

This is because the interaction with the public that occurs in each performance of the TTT ™ is maximized in all its components, guaranteeing a total emotional experience to each individual spectator, regardless of their age or personality. Each stage space, in reality, is unique. Therefore, one setting can never be the same as another. Therefore, in our opinion, it needs a site-specific direction that is never pre-packaged, able to enhance every place, every interior, every situation – no matter if small, vast, or even en-plein-air– adapting to the characteristics and enhancing every peculiarity. that reality itself offers or that a client requests.

We DO NOT offer a passive use of performances

This is because we are interested that every spectator, from 0 to 99 years old, chooses to experience emotions as they prefer by attending one of our performances. In the Theater, if the Fourth Wall falls or disappears and the unexpected is experienced by the spectator rather than merely observed from a distance, what is called “emotional displacement” is caused. And it is in that precise moment that the emotions begin – really – to flow, the senses are activated, the perceptions are amplified. And anything can happen, generating an incisive emotional experience capable of leaving pleasant memories. But, above all, we offer everyone the opportunity to read the experience itself as they like best, combining their own personality with their own experience – spontaneously – both in the very moment in which they live the performance and later, once it is finished. .

Forget the classic stage and banal red velvet armchairs. And live atruly experience at 360° – with the senses teased, alerted, provoked – an experience that will never be the same, neither in the texts nor in the emotions it will give you!

We do NOT believe we are enough for ourselves, never, nor are we self-referential

This is because we are convinced that perfection is not of this world, just as we are aware that every performer has the skills of creativity and the ability to propose interesting artistic suggestions. So we are always looking for new contributions, proposals, ideas, collaborations, which make what we do even more spectacular. Because we believe that only by constantly aiming for an ever higher level, it is possible to improve. This is also why our castings are always open to anyone with skills and interesting proposals, no matter where they come from, if they are young or not, if they are men or women, what language they speak.

And this is because we aim to offer and create an absolute customer experience for all our clients, partners and spectators.

The magic of the theater is only the means.

That’s why we are called “TTT – Tasting Theater Team ™” … and our first format is called “Put an evening to … (S) cena ™“.

… Understood a little better now, what is TTT ™ ‘s way? .. No?

So feel free to browse wherever you want, this website will welcome you whenever you want.

Timeline - Milestones

August 2019

TTT – Tasting Theatre Team foundation

January 2020

First four Casting-days TTT

February 2020

First Events / Performative evenings in situ – Arciliuto Theater & Fraschetta Gourmet

March 2020

Fb Profile/Page official opening

April 2020

YouTube channel official opening

May 2020

B2B division activity start

July 2020

Instagram profile official release

September 2020

First TTT Educational Event

September 2020

TTT official website release